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December 15, 2010

Hello world! Welcome To Our BLOG!

Welcome to our Blog on Bath Re-enamelling and Resurfacing. We will be telling you some tales of our Day to-day work as well as providing you with some more information on what kind of company we are. We hope you enjoy the Blog. Feel free to leave comments.

Bath resurfacing
Professional enamel bath resurfacing or bath re enamelling. As well as resurfacing cast iron and enamel baths this service includes resurfacing wash hand basins, shower trays and even resurfacing w/c’s to any colour.
Antique baths and sinks look great when they are resurfaced. The original quality and look of an antique cast iron bath is completely restored when we resurface it. Bath resurfacing can make your old bathroom suite look like it has been completely restored and refurbished. We have even had clients say the bath looks better than new once resurfaced!
Roll top, Double ended, Slipper and Art Deco baths can also have the outside resurfaced as well as the inside.
When we resurface your bath in our workshop we can also re-condition taps and feet if necessary. Nickel or Chrome plated taps and feet look fantastic! The resurfaced look of the bath when this restoration work is also done can be absolutely stunning.
We can resurface the whole bathroom suite if required. We resurface plastic & ceramics as well as enamel.
Although the majority of our bath resurfacing work is done in London we believe we offer the highest standards of bath resurfacing available through-out the UK. Whether you live in Chelsea or Glasgow we are the company who are dedicated to providing the best service and top quality job of resurfacing and restoring your sanitary wear. Your bath will have a long-lasting deep mirror like shine and it will be very hard-wearing, smooth and shiny. Your bath will look fantastic once resurfaced by The Bath Business.     
Bath re-enamelling

As well as re-enamelling or resurfacing baths and re-enamelling bathroom suites the service includes re-enamelling sinks and toilets. We also re-enamel shower-trays. Bath re-enamelling and bath resurfacing are terms used to describe the same process with regards to restoring baths in its original place.  Again we re-enamel enamel baths, plastic bath and we also re-enamel porcelain sinks, wash hand basins, shower trays and toilets.  Antiques cast iron baths look fantastic when re- enamelled.            
Bath repairs (chips, dings, cracks etc.)

Professional enamel bath repairs. We repair enamel baths that are badly worn, scratched or chipped.
We offer an invisible chip repair service for baths of any colour as well as enamel bath repairs. This service includes chip repairs and repairing damage to shower tray’s and sinks. We can repair enamel, acrylic and plastic baths. We can also repair chips in sinks.
Bath refinishing

Really another term used to describe professional enamel bath resurfacing. Each of our service can be applied to plastic baths and shower trays. So cast iron bath resurfacing or enamel bath resurfacing is also termed as cast iron bath refinishing etc. So we resurface, refinish or re-enamel plastic, enamel, porcelain as well as cast iron baths, shower trays, sinks and toilets. As a term we prefer to use “Bath Resurfacing” as we feel it communicates what we do better than the other terms commonly used. Bath colour changes 
            Any colour can be achieved. We can resurface the complete bathroom suite in a colour of your choice. This is very popular now as we can do this in a day and leave you with a “new” bathroom with a lot less of the disruption and costs associated with replacing the bathroom suite. Bath resurfacing is a cost-effective and popular choice. We have resurfaced many coloured baths to white but we also resurface them to their original colour. Any colour change to the bath or bathroom suite is possible. We have resurfaced white bathroom suites to black! This is quite stunning. Ask us about our coloured bath resurfacing service.
Wash Hand Basin resurfacing
We can resurface your wash hand basin in any colour. We have resurfaced antique wash hand basins as well as modern sinks. Victorian or Edwardian wash hand basins can look stunning once they have been resurfaced. We recommend if you do have a period bath or wash hand basin that you also have the taps reconditioned. Drips and stiff taps are rectified and the taps can also be nickel, chrome or gold-plated. The overall look of a resurfaced and fully restored wash hand basin is stunning!
Kitchen sink or Belfast Sink resurfacing

We have resurfaced many kitchen sinks and Belfast sinks which are often used in the kitchen or the laundry room.   Belfast sinks do seem to chip very easily. Most people get this resurfacing service done for purely cosmetic reasons as the sinks are never used due to the widespread use of the dish-washer. Some kitchen sinks and Belfast sinks can look quite striking just because of the style of them and they can be made to look even better when resurfaced. It is not appropriate to resurface these sinks if they are being used every day. They will chip as they often have pots and pans etc thrown into them.

Shower-Tray resurfacing
Sometimes The Bath Business are asked to resurface shower trays as they have gotten grubby, scratched or are difficult to clean. Often a replacement shower tray could be purchased relatively cheaply. Removing the Shower-Tray can often result in expensive redecorating costs due to replacing tiles and such.  Making the “cheap” shower tray quite expensive.  In this instance resurfacing the Shower-tray is more desirable as far as costs and the resurfaced tray looks great!Resurfacing, re-enamelling, refinishing and reglazing are all terms used to describe basically the same thing when it comes to restoring baths, sinks, toilets and bidets in situ.

We can resurface the complete bathroom suite as well as change the colour.

England we work in the South East primarily. We have several technicians. So we have bath resurfacing or bath re-enamelling Surrey, bath resurfacing London or bath re-enamelling London, Bath resurfacing or bath re-enamelling Kent etc with a dedicated team servicing each area. We do a lot of work in London, both Central London and the surrounding Home Counties. We have considered calling ourselves “The London Bath Resurfacing Company” but we didn’t want people to think we only do London.

We work all over London. We resurface baths or re-enamel baths in London & the Home Counties as well as Central London. We are also very busy resurfacing in Kent and Surrey as well as Brighton and East Sussex. We resurface and re-enamel baths within a 60 mile radius of London, Brighton, Hove, Maidestone, Slough, Croydon and Enfield. As well as our head office in West Sussex  we also have offices in North London,Surrey, Brighton & Uckfield. So resurfacing baths throughout London or anywhere in the South East of England is not a problem for us.

In Scotland we resurface baths in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Fife & The Scottish Borders as well as the Highlands. We resurface baths within a 60 mile radius of Edinburgh, Glasgow, Perth, Fife & The Scottish Borders. We have an office in Edinburgh & Glasgow as well as East Calder. So resurfacing & re enamelling baths is possible in most parts of Scotland.

Whether you want cast iron bath resurfacing, plastic bath resurfacing, enamel bath resurfacing, or bathroom suite resurfacing we can do the job! Our system means your bath or other sanitary wear can be ready for use within an hour or two of them being resurfaced. We love restoring antique baths and wash-hand basins by re-enamelling or resurfacing them. We aim to be the best in the business and produce the ultimate deep shine, durable top quality finish. We feel we have accomplished this.

Bath resurfacing in London, Surrey, Brighton, Kent, Weybridge, Epsom, Surbiton, Sutton, Chelsea, Richmond, Central London, Westminster,Kingston Upon Thames, Horsham, Oxted, Hove, Haywards Heath, Burgess Hill, Deal, Canterbury, Ashford, Tunbridge Wells, Bath Resurfacing in Edinburgh, Bath resurfacing in Glasgow & bath resurfacing England and Scotland.